Sunday, July 3, 2011

Trail conditions: the good ,the bad, and the ugly

The good most of the course has cleared up nicely.
The bad there will be some snow left on the crag crest loop. but its not to bad early in the morning it is pretty firm and no post holing.
The ugly The lower loop  of the crag crest trail is impassable .

Grand Mesa 100 hurdle section

Looking down from the crest at the blow down section

There was a big blow down this winter that wiped out the lower loop of the crag crest trail. We are working on two options for this section of the race. The upper loop is in good condition other than some snow drifts, we cleared all the downed  trees on the upper loop yesterday. The first option is there is a road that parallels the lower loop and we are trying to get permission to use the road to complete the loop. the only problem with this is part of the road is on private property . the second option is to do an out and back on the upper loop.
The first option is preferred . I will keep you up to date on this.  Everything else is looking good.

Phil B.


  1. Phil thanks for all your work and updates.

    Is the Craig Crest Loop the first 11 miles of the 100 mile race?

    Looking forward to the race.

    broomfield, co

  2. Yes this the first section of the run.

    Phil B