Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bear oh Crap!!

I can never get my camera out fast enough to get a picture of a bear on the Mesa, but they are out there and there are quite a few of them.
Some of them are a little upset, just because they can't afford five star dining in Aspen and have to resort to dumpster diving.  But this is no reason to relocate to the Mesa. It's understandable that these majestic creatures are attempting to escape the class discrimation prevalent in some Colorado mountain towns.  They are only trying to make a decent living for themselves and their cubs.  But forced deportation to other areas?
There are local rumors regarding an underground bear revolution brewing amidst the scenery of the Grand Mesa.

In all seriousness, dear runner, bears make the Grand Mesa their home for whatever reasons.  During the race last year, one of the race directors had a close encounter with one of these charming creatures while remarking a section of trail at 3:00 AM.  Although bears or their tracks have been sighted on all of the trails used in the race, some especially hot spots along the route include the lower section of Crag Crest Trail, the Grand Mesa Lodge to Flowing Park, and the Mesa Lakes Loop.  These areas are more heavily timbered and are close to lakes, campground trash cans, and the unattended picnic basket (Hey, Boo-Boo!).  These are also areas which you might be running at dawn, at dusk, or at night.

To protect both yourself and our large, furry friends, stay alert.  Although this can be difficult after you've logged 80 miles and your eyelids feel like bags of wet cement, it's your best defense.  It's best not to blasting down the trail at 2:AM with Metallica cranked on the Ipod.

Moab 100

If any body is going to be at moab 100. Me, Rick ,his stepson, and my daughter will be running in the 24 hr relay.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Running in Cow Country

is it pissed or not
The mesa is open range meaning their are cows along various parts of the course. Helpful information for running in cow country. you must avoid surprising the cows at close range. If the terrain makes it hard for them to see you as you approach, make lots of noise. Talk loudly, wear a bell, sing the Monty Python Lumberjack song. If  you are spotted by a cow, try to get its attention while  it is a good distance away. Help the cow to  recognize that you are human by talking to it in a normal voice, waving your arms. Try not to travel alone. In a group, cows will attack the weakest link. Try and run with people much slower and fatter than yourself and if the cows rush you, point at that obnoxious guy with the short legs that has complained the entire run..   Next time Bear safety.