Sunday, April 18, 2010

I updated the entered runners on the web site as of April 18. I have had some question about the course the main one is , do the photos represent the course. Yes for the most part but there are some short parts that are very rough .For all distances the section between Flowing park and Granby lake aid station has a very steep decent and can be muddy this section gets very little use.  For the 100 milers the Kannh creek section is also very rocky.  Overall the course is very runnable. The way the snow melt is going right now I should be able to get some more photos of the course by mid May.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Early registration ends April 10 . We are finalizing the race itinerary this week and will post it here and on the web site.
List of runners as April 3

Ryan Burch  Gunnison CO  100 mile
Dale Perry Loveland CO  100 mile
Benjamin Clark Minot ND 100 mile
Caroline Soong Boulder CO 100 mile
Dwight Schuh Nampa ID 100 mile
Robert Murphy La Vista NE 100 mile
Rex Vicek Waipahu HI 100 mile
Judy Carluccio Issaquah WA 100 mile
Garry Curry Boulder CO 100 mile

Charles Corfield Boulder CO 50 mile
Eric Pinger Grand Junction CO 50 mile
Matt Olding Moab UT 50 mile
Its still snowing Another 2 feet over the weekend.