Tuesday, June 28, 2011

100 mile profile 2011

Course profile for the 100 miler for 2011. the big drop in the middle is rather decpetice the section goin down is not as steep as the profile makes it look it is about 3800' of decent over about 8.5 miles with a couple of little climbs. the climb back up is about 4000' in 5.5 miles.  the big differnce over last year is not having to do the 3/4 of mile 1500' clmb at mile 92.

Phil B

Monday, June 27, 2011

Course profile 2011

Here are the 37 and 50 mile profiles  still working on the 100 mile.

37 mile profile

50 mile course
The profiles are a little rough and should just be used as a general guide line. When you jam 50 miles in to
a small space the climbs and drops look steeper than they really are.

Phil B

Sunday, June 26, 2011

revised course directions

The revised course directions and maps are now on the web site. I will try to get new course profiles up tonight.

this is the sign in section 4 for the 100 milers

The trail goes straight but the arrow points to the right, go right

The forest service has put up some new markers
 The trail down to Carson lake is a stream right now but will dry out by race day . The trail goes down into the trees in center of  photo.

Phil B

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blessed with to much Snow

Last week at Island Lake

Today at Lands End Road on top of Mesa
With the hot weather the snow has started to melt fast but where still a month behind. So there is going to be two course changes. One effects all distances and the second only effects the 100 milers. The first changes is we are not going to use the Drop off section . This is the section from flowing park back to the granby aid station. Instead you will return  the same way you come out to flowing park.   The second changes is the Anderson lake to Mesa lake  loop. Instead of doing a loop it will be an out and back to Mesa lake. the reason for this section being changes is there is still 3' to 5' of snow in the trees and the section from Mesa lake back to Anderson lake could be a mud bog on race day.  the drop of f section has a couple of reason for not being used  one is safety the road up to the bottom is almost impassable and if we had to get an injured runner out it would be very difficult, also the trail has several washouts and a lot off trees down.

I will have the course directions on the website updated this weekend.

Phil B

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Questions @ Answers

I have about 1200 reflective markers and I try to place them so you can see a several at one time it just depends on the trail conditions. in some areas their will also be some little signs that have  GM 100  on them.

Weather :  Any thing is possible on the mesa in July.  Last year the weather was clear but about 10 degrees above normal . we had a high of 80 at the star/finish line and a low of 49  . The Low point of the course for the 100 milers hit 99 degrees.  Two days after the race while picking up course markers it hit a high of 49 degrees and I sat under a tree for an hour while it dumped 3' of hail. Be prepared.

Most of the course has a southern exposure so if it is sunny you will need more than two water bottles.
100 milers it is recommended that you use a camel back and  at least one bottle for the section between Carson lake and Lands End you will be hitting this section during the hottest part of the day. there are a couple of stream crossings to cool of in.

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6 and still snow

Island lake

 Top of the mesa today there is about 250 to 300 % average snow pack left. But it has finale warmed up and is starting to melt fast. most of the snow is gone below 9000'

County line trail


Course markings for this year are

On the left reflector  orange chalk and pink ribbon with black dots

Most of the trail will be mark with the orange chalk intersections will be marked with arrows. there will be some of the ribbon as well. All sections that maybe run after dark will also have the reflectors.

The white spots are the reflectors the the three reflectors are between 50" and 800' away.

I'm using a old Black Diamond head lamp with a 1 watt led.
The white spots are the reflectors at about 600" to a 1000'