Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6 and still snow

Island lake

 Top of the mesa today there is about 250 to 300 % average snow pack left. But it has finale warmed up and is starting to melt fast. most of the snow is gone below 9000'

County line trail


Course markings for this year are

On the left reflector  orange chalk and pink ribbon with black dots

Most of the trail will be mark with the orange chalk intersections will be marked with arrows. there will be some of the ribbon as well. All sections that maybe run after dark will also have the reflectors.

The white spots are the reflectors the the three reflectors are between 50" and 800' away.

I'm using a old Black Diamond head lamp with a 1 watt led.
The white spots are the reflectors at about 600" to a 1000'

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  1. Phil

    How often do you plan on placing the reflective markers? Also do you plan on having confidence markers on the trails?