Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 Results

Results for the 2011 Grand Mesa 100.
We had 13 Starters for the 100 and  7 Finishers. For the 50 miler we had 16 Starters and 14 Finisher.
For the 37 We had 17 Starters and all Finished. The times and place are on the website.


  1. Great race this year! Thanks for all of the hard work and many thanks to all of the volunteers! Way to go, Phil and team!

  2. This run was a blast. I loved the course. Are you planning on uploading more photos somewhere? There were some of me I'd like to get since I rarely have my picture taken

  3. Great race! Thanks for your organization and effort to make this a fantastic run! No reason this race should not grow... I want to come back!

  4. I want to thank you for putting on such a marvelous race. I would like offer some constructive critisim, but I have none to give- Everything about the race was top notch. That was my 33rd 100 mile finish, and all I can tell you is what I liked about it (there was really nothing not to like).

    The volunteers - OMG they were all so enthusiastic and fun. They were engaged, helpful, and knowledgeable. The level of consistency, with their motivation and drive made me think they had all gone through a training workshop. Having them all in brightly colored shirts like that was an excellent idea.

    The course markings- Wonderful. At every intersection, I would look around and find the marking. The long stretches had plenty of comfort markings. Even the choice of material for the course marking, was well thought out. Orange spray paint, pink dotted tape, and those hand made reflectors with the reflective stickers. I have trouble with colors with so many flowers (the tape and paint were not natural colors), and I have poor night vision (the reflectors looked like flashlights coming towards us).

    The food was great. I am vegan, and the choice of fruit, bread peanut butter, coffee, ramein noodles worked well for me. All of the food stations were well stocked- I I ate well out there.

    The course was all so pretty - I had no idea it was going to be so beautiful out there. The vistas, the flowers, the aspen groves, and the lakes just added so much to the adventure. I spent a lot of time taking pictures.

    Thanks for being a race director Phil!!!

    John Taylor 100M 30:15 Finisher