Sunday, July 14, 2013

Refresher on Cow safety

This year the cows are back on the Flowing Park Loop
is it pissed or not
The mesa is open range meaning their are cows along various parts of the course. Helpful information for running in cow country. you must avoid surprising the cows at close range. If the terrain makes it hard for them to see you as you approach, make lots of noise. Talk loudly, wear a bell, sing the Monty Python Lumberjack song. If you are spotted by a cow, try to get its attention while it is a good distance away. Help the cow to recognize that you are human by talking to it in a normal voice, waving your arms. Try not to travel alone. In a group, cows will attack the weakest link. Try and run with people much slower and fatter than yourself and if the cows rush you, point at that obnoxious guy with the short legs that has complained the entire run.. Next time Bear safety

As you have seen in other post there are also bears on the mesa it is recommended that you keep windows rolled up at aid stations and keep your trash picked up if you are camping. If you do not have a Range Rover  you are lucky as the problem bears are recent transplants from Aspen and are  just looking for a high class ride home.

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